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Golden PAWS Assistance Crisis Teams

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The Golden PAWS Assistance Crisis Team program combines intensively trained, highly skilled and experienced volunteers with Golden PAWS service dogs to answer the call in crisis situations where the innocent become victims of tragic events.

These teams went to Parkland one year ago, offering comfort and hope to everyone they touched. Through their interactions with trauma survivors they became a conduit for decreased anxiety, reduced fear and relief from many symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We were asked to continue this support for over 8 weeks, traveling back and forth in shifts to ensure there were always teams available to serve this grieving community.

Golden PAWS is now partnered with Florida's Southern Gulf Chapter of the American Red Cross to provide comfort to disaster clients, first responders and disaster responders when called upon. Our GPACT teams are ready to serve as a much needed source of emotional support in the event of a disaster that affects our regional community.

Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs can make a difference. You can too by supporting the GPACT program, ensuring we'll be able to meet the unforeseen expenses of the next disaster.